Well where do I start? with the latest on our growing British Streetwear Clothing brand or the very start, when I’m getting trained up by my barbering peers Sandy Minto and Myke Greaves? Well My story is a long one, mainly because I’ve been here such a long time. And whats great about that is, I still love my job and the people I work with!

So all through my teens I flirted with barbering, mainly just messing up my own hair or my good friends that were willing to sacrifice what little pulling potential they had. I never really saw it as a career opportunity, coming from Telford where the barbershops were dismal, unattractive and boring places, that usually smelt of damp hair. I never thought to myself “when I grow up, I want to work in a place like this” so I never took it too seriously. It was only when I moved to Liverpool that thats when my life and friendship circle got a lot trendier, I started to take my barbering a bit more seriously. Most my friends were students at the time and to save a few quid they would like me practice some edgy cuts on them. I started to visit all different types of salons around the city, from £7 bald fades in the various afro barbers of Smithdown Road Liverpool or the Expensive unisex salons of the city centre, it was a great way to watch and learn, not only what to do, but sadly for my hair at times, what not to do. After a while of slowly bettering my cuts, blagging my way in to more and more student halls with my clippers in scissors in hand and a vague idea in mind my older brother and business partner at the time pulled me to one side and selflessly said I should take this seriously, “sell up and promise me you’ll go get qualified.”


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