This collection is birthed from the Brotherhoods growing awareness for the importance of responsibility, on a personal and global scale. We took the hard-wearing workwear jacket, once a staple piece for a man who has purpose, and printed KNOWLEDGE IS NOT ENOUGH on the back. We KNOW that our actions in life are what define us and we believe now more then ever that people need to know this.
The brand exists because we are firm believers that we must be incharge of our existence, that no one but ourselves can be held responsible. Thats why we have APATHY KILLS KILL APATHY printed boldly across the back of the hoody and sewn across the chest of the sweatshirt. The time for passing the blame has gone, its time to step up and ready yourself for anything - with COME WHAT MAY embroidered in soft chenille lettering we are prepared. And Finally FAMILY FIRST on the back of the grey brushed cotton hoody, because its for them we will endure anything.
Thank you.